Representation of Creditors

Tabor Law Group advises private (non-bank) lenders, landlords, vendors, and other creditors in all aspects of insolvency and collection matters, including:

  • Enforcement of secured creditors' rights outside of court, including the negotiation of workouts and collateral surrender agreements, proper execution of self-help remedies, nonjudicial foreclosures, and management of UCC sales
  • Representation of secured creditors in court proceedings, including judicial foreclosures, receiverships, and actions for provisional process (including attachment and replevin or claim and delivery)
  • Litigation of claims of partially or fully unsecured creditors against borrowers, guarantors, and recipients of fraudulent or otherwise avoidable transfers to obtain a money judgment
  • Liquidation of money judgments into cash through asset investigations and collection actions, including garnishment and other forms of execution of assets
  • Filing of involuntary bankruptcy petitions against insolvent debtors
  • Prosecuting and defending claim litigation in contested case proceedings and adversary proceedings in bankruptcy cases (including chapter 11, chapter 7, chapter 13, and chapter 12 cases), including nondischargeability litigation against debtors pursuant to Section 523 and, in certain cases, objections to discharge pursuant to 727
  • Representing creditor committees in chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings
  • Assisting landlords facing defaulting and/or bankrupt tenants and guarantors
  • Advising agricultural lien claimants and construction/mechanics lienholders regarding preserving and enforcing their lien rights
  • Documenting and negotiating loan sales agreements
  • Generally representing creditors in regards to bankruptcy issues, including obtaining relief from stay, filing and amending proofs of claim, and defending preference actions and claim objections